After Natural Disorder this is the evolution of the Rock and of my re-organized genetics narrative.

Genetic Intimacy is an exhibition where one can come to observe and get to be part of these ideas: not that a non-intimate relation cannot have some kind of influence but, being part of it gives the possibility to change or realize physical parameters of such evolution. My interest is in the process, in the transformation as well as in the bio mimicry which are both parallel and intersecting with my constant search for the link among social signals, behavior and science.

This exhibition is a turning point that switches the focus and center of gravity from the Rock as a monolith of non symmetric geometry that basically exists thanks to its reflection and to the evolution of its boundaries. Surfaces, facets and perimeters are in evolution and constant growth. This chapter opens multiple channels of exploration including the inversion of the reflection

into suction and vortex. The out cover surfaces are turning into void and craters inside of which both the eye and body can travel… changing scale in and out of the mind is an evident tool that allows these journeys to happen.

Materials are joining in to mix and change our idea of what we know and see them for… marble becomes a light weight complex construction that is now proven to give ultimate strength to the construction…opacity turns into transparency… thin metal turns into volatile grain of an unknown nature.

The new RockGrowth wall version starts to connect to the architecture around it like a claiming vegetation hanging and sprouting from the wall. In this installation I was also looking to reverse our perception of space by simply changing some of the points of reference that we all are so used to look at within

a given space, in order to position ourselves in that very space. It will be an opportunity to share these rather internal sensations between ourselves and the sculptures. The marble vegetation represents the last of Genetic evolution of this show where a mineral becomes a vegetal that grows a mineral on it.

In addition to all this, paintings of faceted, mineralized people (in this case genetically related to me) as seen via these transactional feelings.

Part of my investigations and after “Natural Disorder”, the exhibition “Genetic Intimacy” is a research, an in-depth quest for the relationship between emotion and science, nature and uncontrolled actions.