Hi, welcome home
Want a drink?

Let’s have dinner

This is the bedroom, this is the bathroom…

How have you been?

Nice to meet you

This exhibition and the gallery setup is a unique opportunity to get in a direct contact without firewalls or time laps. My intimate life_portfolio and my open emotional bag are now spread wide open in the micro-spective of my body of work. My work is about people and so is the world…connecting to people in a very direct way expressing my ideas and reflections, is like opening a direct communication channel. 

Identity disorder, social codes, relationships, genetics, intimacy, osmosis, love counts, absent nature, out there logging, prehistory of the future, the “other” and so on…the projects are all weaved together to create one life in a non-controlled yet over-supervised environment. 

Every process is everlasting and gets new interpretations constantly…these are open ended processes…and like a huge matrix, when one moves apart, all the others are getting affected and react to this movement. When I saw the place I was sure that I want to install in every corner and space….be like a positive virus and introduce an AL code, small or big but in. 
So I am standing in front of you today…..strong and vulnerable.



Cutting a tree to build a house, get warm, protect myself and create my own shell…the action of cutting is a powerful one and represents separation, pain, distance, amputation, death but also protection. The possession of an axe makes one look a bit off, strange and violent within the city landscape. This installation _ manifest comes to investigate the presence of these tools around us in the domestic environment and serves as an imaginary jumping board for one’s personal imagination to access her or his personal story, impressions, perversions etc.

The Axes installed in random pattern in the wall floor and ceiling create imaginary actions and movements…being inside the space makes us able to pick “in mind” any axe and slam it back.


After Rock and Absent Nature, Arik Levy’s new exhibition "Geotectonic", stays in the continuity of the "natural non-natural". The investigation, imaginary and interpretation of these problematics, grow, this time, around the concepts of "parallel" and "opposed".
By presenting the concretization of these ideas for the very first time, the exhibition illustrates various forms of expression related to geotectonic .... Arik's perception of such levels is not only geological, but also emotional, visual, social, architectural, as well as urban and genetic.

"What I feel and see are complete images of objects, buildings, mountain splitting into layers the same way an iceberg will detach from the North Pole creaking open and starting drifting in the space. Each element slides over the other in perfect harmony of total chaos. Construct to deconstruct, built to destroy, and constantly being on the borderline between balance and in balance, stability and catastrophe, magic and power." tells us Levy.

These works represent a kind of “X-ray” of a fraction in the trail of transition of these masses in space, masses that float without any signs of movement.
This visual expression will maintain an unwritten formula that can be applied on any moment and environment around us. Surfaces are with no beginning and no end slicing them selves in to uneven sections and commencing the lateral slid.

This exhibition will also retrace a portion of Arik Levy's career by the installation of a series of works from which some, as the Rock series, have become iconic of his work.
Hence, Geotectonic is a new opportunity for Arik Levy to demonstrate the multidisciplinary aspect of his talent which is expressed through his films, his sculptures, his photographs, his objects, .... and make him a true creator.

Geotectonic_Mitterrrand+Cramer, Geneva
Sept. 17-Nov. 6 2010