Stefan Isser, Mng. Director d. swarovski tourism services gmbh

The nexus between art and crystal – manifested by the collaboration with international artists whose works are inspired by crystal and its characteristics – has always been one of the essential conditions for the design and continuous redefinition of Swarovski Crystal Worlds. The Chambers of Wonder in the Giant are extraordinarily rare venues for artists and designers, such as Jim Whiting, Toord Boontje, Fabrizio Plessi and Thomas Feuerstein, to realize their visions of crystalline art – many of them regularly crossing the boundaries between styles and genres, between “art for art’s sake” and objects designed for everyday use.

Among the ranks of these art practitioners, who have har- nessed the creative freedoms in the Giant to cultivate and devise contemporary designs, is another artist whose works embody immense diversity and openness to new ideas: Arik Levy. A native of Israel, now based in Paris, Levy works as a visual artist, architect, light and industrial designer, creates high-tech clothing and designs stage sets for contemporary dance and opera. As elemental compo- nents of his art, Levy places crystalline shapes into ever new contextual juxtapositions; he creates mystical spaces and thus arrives at an oeuvre that touches the viewer

on a sensual level, as much as it satisfies him with sophisticated concepts, down to their most minute, most intimate details.

For the Chamber of Wonder created by Levy in Swarovski Crystal Worlds – which represents the realization of his second solo art commission by Swarovski following his “Osmosis” exhibition – he dissolves crystals into their graphic elements and places them into new relationships together. The resulting installation, “ Transparent Opacity” – which Levy describes as “an experience, as a journey to the center of the earth” – is a game with crystalline structures, and enables visitors to the Giant to explore the inner life of crystals, plunging them into a new kind of world made of crystalline forms.

We are excited that we persuaded Arik Levy to implement his ideas at Swarovski Crystal Worlds. To collaborate with Levy, to support him in his fascination with crystals and to accompany him through Swarovski Crystal Worlds, is immensely inspiring and unlocks an infinite number of starting points linked to our work. And last but not least, “Transparent Opacity” adds yet another fascinating tale to the collection of stories that fill the Giant.

by Arik Levy

This installation creates a new bridge between the body movement, the eye, the sense of space and the impact that of all of these have over the geometric and structural mineral body. This emotional interface transforms the object into a symphony of movement and colors, texture and density. We live on our planet not without impact, we engineer and progress not without transition…all of this generates unexpected results that one cannot create with conventional tools or intellectualized creativity. This relates to Swarovski being a master cutter….crystals get cut and formed by advanced tools and mechanical actions : the one and only parameter that we have a hard time to simulate or predict beforehand is the light and the way it will interact with the cut stone. This small place of incertitude is where my action takes its place and expression.