by Arik Levy

Nearly two years after the my first exhibition at the gallery where title “my Name is Arik” it was an exposure of my own self and work as well as the privet spaces of the gallery’s owners. It was our first exhibition and all was very raw and circled around the construction of relationship.

in the last few years, the unconditioned space of life resulting of father and son relationship within the adolescents period, as taken me out to a wild ride. Adding to all this Due to my over sensibility and sensitivity, I find my self in an emotional, physical and psychological difficulty if not to say distress at times, facing.

The moment of approaching each other from distance and getting closer where both body, energy, feelings and irrational rational ideas is all of extreme power. The impacts or the missed encounters are moment of deflection and superimposition of numerous parameters of life it self.

In this new works “Emotional Deflection” I intend to show a new and very recent body or work relating to actions and relativeness within me and my emotional architecture….relationship within the social environment, urban landscape as well as relationship I have between me and my emotional or schizophrenic self, the world, people, my family and others. All this expressed mostly with abstract works, drawing, film, sculpture, photography and some figurative elements.

The dominating part of my work is actually “contrast”. It takes divers meaning and in various form…texture and tactile aspects are of important value, they take a subconscious place in experiencing the works and the meanings. The use of reflective (deflective) surfaces is not about the material only but especially about the reflections, what it makes us see, and therefore feel directly or indirectly aspects of out immediate surroundings. One other important aspect is the fact that our Own reflection takes part in the piece an evident participation is generated.

Visual kinetics, movement, dynamics of action and reaction are all part of the contrast I seek to established, build to crash to build. Perpetual hope and positivity. Some created by our own actions and some completed by our own brain. Colors, materials, textures and space are all metaphors to what these moment my feel like. A picture of me in a bigger mess yes positive and joyful.

The gallery space is sectioned to rooms and separate spaces, that in my first visit invited me to continue showing different stories in different spaces but keeping them all under the same theme.

Arik Levy